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How to Create a Full-Coverage Look Using Non Toxic Makeup

How to Create a Full-Coverage Look Using Non Toxic Makeup

Everyone deserves the opportunity to use makeup to express their creativity and elevate their natural beauty. Even more, we believe everyone should have access to products that actively restore and care for the skin—rather than exposing it to harmful chemicals.

Nontoxic makeup is for everyone.

But up until recently, it hasn’t felt that way.

Nourishing and chemical-free products work differently from the conventional products many of us used growing up. In the early days of nontoxic makeup, these healthy products only offered a hint of coverage and minimal style options.

If you’re the kind of person who appreciates a bold look with full glam, you may feel left behind by all-natural brands.

Honestly, it’s taken a lot of time, research, and recipe perfecting to create nontoxic makeup that lives up to the standards of conventional products.

But we’re proud to say that nontoxic makeup has improved a lot in the last few years. Using healthy and nature-inspired products, this is our recipe for a full-glam look:

Product Lineup for Full-Coverage Nontoxic Makeup

Don’t compromise on results or ingredients. These are our favorite products for full-coverage all-natural makeup you feel good about:

  1. Healthy Skin for Better Makeup Application

A good canvas is essential to makeup application. If you’re struggling to prioritize skincare, we recommend starting with an oil cleanser and moisturizer. A few weeks of nourishing your skin barrier should improve your makeup application—and help you feel confident with and without concealer.

  1. Hydrating Concealer

Speaking of concealer, our hydrating cream concealer provides impressive coverage. It uses castor oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter to refresh delicate areas and restore the skin barrier while smoothing out the skin.

  1. Nontoxic Full-Coverage Foundation

If you’re investigating nontoxic makeup for the first time in a while, you may be surprised by how many shade options are available now. We even have foundation samples to help you determine exactly which foundation is best for you. This all-natural liquid foundation contains aloe vera juice and shea butter for coverage and nourishment that lasts.

  1. Contour Products

Try products like our bronzer, highlighter, cream luminizer pot, and our pigmented blush to produce that full-faced and airbrushed look. We recommend starting with a makeup primer, applying a few layers of contour, and finishing with a setting powder to achieve your ideal glow.

  1. Nontoxic Mascara and Eye Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

Mascara may be one of the most controversial conventional makeup products. Since it’s applied close to the eyes, it’s one of the first products we recommend replacing with an all-natural alternative.

A nontoxic mascara should help those with sensitive eyes and allergies. A few coats of mascara combined with a natural eyeliner should provide similar results to conventional products.

  1. A Bold Lip

One of the downsides of no-transfer lipsticks is that they can dry out your lips while exposing you to chemicals. Our chemical-free lipsticks provide bold pigments with the added benefits of cocoa butter and castor oil—nourishing ingredients that act as a lip balm.

How to Get Longer Wear from Your Nontoxic Makeup

When switching over to nontoxic makeup, you may need to learn a few tricks to help your application stay longer. It’s true, the lack of preservatives and chemicals can change how a product works. But it should also change the appearance and health of your skin, too.

  • Invest in a Makeup Primer

The ideal makeup primer should act as a moisturizer that protects your skin barrier from pollution and dirt while improving the application of your makeup. Our customers agree that adding makeup primer to their routine is the one step that’s dramatically changed how their makeup looks, feels, and performs.

  • Reapply as Needed

Especially when you’re first transitioning over to nontoxic makeup, it can help to carry makeup with you for reapplication. If you’re using the right brand, you might not need to reapply. But having products with you can help you ease into the adjustment period and feel more confident about wearing all-natural makeup.

  • Try Color Correcting

If you’re used to more coverage from your foundation and concealer, you may want to try color correcting. This is a makeup technique that uses different color shades (like green, dark brown, and even purple) to reduce redness and puffiness in the face. If you try this technique, be sure to use color correcting products that are nontoxic. The Environmental Working Group is a good place to find them.

  • Harness Beauty Tools

Popular beauty tools like beauty blenders, eyelash curlers, and red light masks can all help to improve your skincare and makeup application. Look at all-natural makeup as an opportunity to love your skin holistically—and as a challenge to find better ways to create the same results you’re used to.

Our Standard for Nontoxic Makeup

If the ingredients don’t give back to your skin, it’s a missed opportunity.

Our philosophy for nontoxic makeup is to go above and beyond to create products that truly nourish and revitalize the skin. They aren’t just “not bad” for you—they actively promote a better skin barrier and a healthier you.

This standard sometimes means it takes longer for our products to hit the market. It also means we invest time and research into powerful ingredients and ancestral skincare methods. Here’s what this looks like:

  • Animal-based skincare — Ingredients like emu oil and grass-fed tallow offer nourishment almost bio-identical to our own skin.

  • Plant oil bases — Instead of using chemical fillers to take up space, we use ingredients like jojoba oil, olive oil, and shea butter to carry pigment to your skin. This produces a natural sheen, helps preserve color, and naturally moisturizes skin.

  • High-quality essential oils — Herbal extracts and high-quality essential oils allow your nontoxic makeup to smell pleasant without chemical additives.

  • Whole ingredients — If whole and unfractured ingredients are the standard for our diets, they should be the standard for our makeup and skincare, too. We strive to source everything from the earth, without relying on heavily manufactured ingredients.

Nontoxic Makeup Isn’t the Same as Conventional Products

Not only does nontoxic living throw you into a world of ingredient labels and personal research, but it also forces you to detach from products you’ve loved for years.

Most people find that nontoxic makeup products don’t work the same as conventional brands. The truth is, they aren’t the same.

The goal of nontoxic makeup is to…

  • Remove hormone disruptors from everyday use.
  • Nourish your skin barrier instead of stripping it.
  • Improve your relationship with nature.
  • Revive ancestral habits and reconnect us with a slow lifestyle.

Nontoxic makeup products aren’t the same as conventional products. But they do work.

Maybe they perform a little differently than you’re used to—and take a while to get the hang of. But they give so much more back to you, your family, and the earth.

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