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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Organic Skincare

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Organic Skincare

Over the years skincare, makeup, and body products have become some of the most popular Christmas gifts to put under the tree. Who doesn’t love a little holiday pampering? Whether it was body glitter in the early 2000s or a full contour set to draw in compliments in the 2010s, you can give the gift of skin bliss to almost any woman in your life.

But here’s the problem: many well-intended gifts are full of toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors. The stuff that’s sitting in your makeup bag from last Christmas is doing your skin more harm than good.

That’s why we exist. We created Toups and Co to bring healthy ingredients back into skincare. The real luxury of skincare isn’t the product—but how your skin feels after it’s been applied.

Whether you’re wrapping up presents for a natural skincare guru or for a crunchy greenhorn, here are our recommendations to help you build the best natural skincare Christmas gift set.




Organic Skincare Sample Sets

Your friend is hesitant to try organic skincare products. We get it. Natural deodorant and handmade mascara can seem intimidating at first.

We’re ready to prove the effectiveness of organic skincare products with our skincare sample sets. These sets allow hesitant crunchies to try out natural products without the commitment.

Frankincense Face Balm and Charcoal Soap Set

The Essential Face Set



The Ultimate Spa Day Collection

For the busy mom, the stressed-out homesteader, or the wife working overtime holiday hours. The ultimate spa day collection brings relaxation and rejuvenation back into your daily life.

We believe in using ancestral healing rituals. The reason our parents and grandparents pass on certain traditions is because they really work. Some of these traditions, like dry brushing, oil cleansing, and body oil application, have been passed down for centuries.

The goal is not only to give you a relaxing self-care session but to strengthen your body to stand up against any outside stressors.

Dry Brush

Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil

Body Oil

The Glow Mask

The Supercharged Healing Package

A lot of people turn to organic skincare due to chronic illness or toxic burden. Over time, toxins in our environment can build up and begin to affect our physical bodies. This is called toxic burden.

One of the best ways to support a health condition is to get rid of toxins and endocrine disruptors, which are often found in skincare and body products. You can support your friends and family in their health journey by introducing them to natural skincare and hygiene products.

Natural Deodorant

Dry Shampoo

Sun Balm

Our Graceful Aging Favorites

Your wrinkles aren’t the most important thing about you. Crow’s feet and laugh lines are just a side effect of being human. For many women who wish to minimize signs of aging, conventional drugstore products aren’t the answer. Although they may claim to slow aging with trendy ingredients, they also include parabens, phthalates, and sketchy fragrances—which are harsh on your skin and may cause premature damage with continued use.

We believe in using nature-made ingredients that lock in moisture while feeding the skin with vitamins and nutrients. Some of our favorite ingredients include tallow, Vitamin C, aloe leaf juice, hyaluronic acid, helichrysum oil, and calendula flower.

The Glow Serum

The Reparative Serum

Vanilla and Almond Tallow Balm

Organic Makeup for the Beauty Guru

Makeup is her creative outlet—but she’s been looking for alternatives to conventional products. Drugstore makeup brands contain a lot of questionable ingredients—including forever plastics that can make their way inside the body.

Help her feel better about her makeup bag this holiday season. Our natural makeup products work as well as their conventional counterparts. The only difference is that ours use real and recognizable ingredients. Allow her to keep her creative outlet without destroying her body or the planet.

Mineral Makeup

Long Lash Mascara

Cream Luminizer

A Little Pampering for Mom and Baby

New moms are bombarded with concerns for themselves and their babies. With so much to focus on during postpartum, choosing the right baby products can feel intimidating. This Christmas, help calm her anxieties with healthy products for her baby—and maybe a few self-care products from our spa day collection.

Baby Balm 

Baby Wash and Shampoo

A Balm Set for Smooth Winter Skin

Dry skin is itchy and uncomfortable—and can be impossible to keep up with during the winter months. Although lotion may provide some relief, it’s only temporary. This is because most lotions include water, which can dry the skin out even more over time. But don't worry, our ancestors have the answer for your winter skin.

Tallow balm is an ancient remedy. It comes from rendered beef fat and contains miraculous moisturizing ingredients, alongside essential vitamins and minerals that mirror your skin’s DNA. Give the gift of healthy and smooth skin this Christmas with these tallow-based skincare products.

Tallow Lip Love

The Ultimate Tallow Balm Set

Mini Balm Set




Let Toups and Co Help You Make Her Spirits Bright This Christmas

Skincare is our love language. We hope it’s yours too.

As you collect gifts for your loved ones and check off items on their Christmas lists, we’re happy to help you choose the best organic skincare products for everyone’s skin. Your friends and family never glowed better.

Your skin is your body’s biggest organ. This Christmas, we’re here to help you protect it with high-quality products that make you smell good and feel good.

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