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I Took Toups and Co’s Foundation Quiz: Here’s How It Changed My Makeup Routine

I Took Toups and Co’s Foundation Quiz: Here’s How It Changed My Makeup Routine

Worry-no-more about wasting money on the wrong shade of makeup. When you order organic foundation from Toups and Co, you can feel confident that your ride-or-die shade will be delivered straight to your doorstep.


Our brand-new quiz will walk you through the process of picking a flawless color match—completely customized to you.

And if you’re still not completely confident, our customer-favorite foundation test kit allows you to try the product and the shades before committing to the full bottle.

3 Essential Things to Know before Testing a New Foundation

Before you test drive your soon-to-be foundation favorite, here are a few essential things to know about skincare and blemish cover-ups… 


1. The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Makeup Application Is Take Care of Your Skin

Organic foundation is an amazing tool for covering imperfections and hiding acne—but it isn’t magic. You should spend equal time and effort taking care of your skin. Whether that means rebalancing your sebum and microbiome (for acne) or targeting wrinkles and age spots with antioxidants and nature’s retinol, your skincare routine should receive just as much attention as your makeup routine!

2. Makeup Primer Really Makes a Difference

Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews section for our organic makeup primer. Not only does primer add healthy ingredients to the skin (antioxidants and aloe vera leaf juice), but it acts as a moisturizer and encourages smooth foundation application. Easy, all-day wear is what we’re all about, and primer does all that and more.


A luxurious and elevated alternative to our makeup primer is using our glow serum for the same purpose. Glow serum will ensure the smooth application of your organic foundation, and as the name suggests, truly give your skin an exceptional healthy, and natural glow. Helichrysum essential oil is in the nutrient-packed lineup of ingredients in the serum and is known for its ability to aid in fading age spots and skin discolorations. 


3. The Ingredients in Your Foundation Can Make or Break Your Face

Have you heard the rumors? Foundation can make your breakouts worse. Drugstore brands are especially bad at clogging pores, allowing chemicals to seep into the skin, and can even create premature wrinkles. Ingredients are essential to today’s application and tomorrow’s skin health. When picking your dream foundation, make sure to choose wholesome and natural ingredients that focus on long-term and holistic health.



Walkthrough: How to Take the Toups and Co Organic Foundation Quiz


Tested by hundreds and prepared specifically for you. No more wasting time and money on foundation shades that don’t match. Here, we’ll walk you through each question on our foundation quiz so you can feel empowered when choosing your shade-to-be.





Liquid Foundation vs. Powder Foundation: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to finding the best organic foundation for your skin, you have to understand your own chemical makeup and feel confident about your style preferences. How do you imagine your organic foundation will improve your skin?

Liquid foundation is similar to drugstore foundation in its application and wear (although ours has no added chemicals or fillers). It allows thicker coverage, an airbrushed finish, and can be applied with fingers or a makeup brush. It’s best for dry and combination skin.

Powder foundation (aka mineral makeup) may be a better choice for sensitive or acne-prone skin. The light application doesn’t block pores and provides buildable coverage. The final look is fairly natural but can be accentuated with concealer, eye makeup, blush, and more. 


Read Our Guide to Learn More: Liquid Foundation vs Powder Foundation




Why Skin Undertones Matter to Your Foundation Shade

 Have you ever noticed you look good in bright colors, but not pastels? That’s your skin undertone in action—and it’s not just influencing your clothing choices.

Your undertone should be a driving force behind your clothing, makeup, and jewelry selections. By understanding cool, neutral, and warm tones, you can easily harness your natural beauty.

Since organic foundation shades are created with cool and warm color bases, it’s important to understand your own undertone so you can pick the best option for your features. 



How to Discover Your Skin’s Unique Undertone

The easiest way to determine your skin’s undertone is to look at your jewelry selection (we mention this in our quiz). However, there are a few additional ways to double-check whether your skin is cool, neutral, or warm…


Cool Tones

If your veins appear blue and you look best in silver jewelry, you probably have a cool undertone. You can double-check by trying on a white shirt and a cream shirt. If the cream suits you best, your undertone is definitely cool.


Neutral Tones  

Medium skin looks good in gold or silver jewelry. Vein colors may hover between blue and green. Neutral tones are able to fit a lot more clothing colors into their closet without appearing washed out.


Warm Tones

If gold is your go-to jewelry color and your veins appear green, then you have warm undertones in your skin. Contrary to popular belief, your skin’s undertone isn’t dependent on your hair color or other features. People with dark, light, and medium skin can all have warm, cool, or neutral undertones. Remember, the undertone is more about the color of your veins.





Skin Type Matters

Okay, we know you have a preference for liquid foundation vs. powder foundation, but just hear us out: There are certain skin types that do better with liquid foundation and other skin types that thrive when using powder.


By understanding your skin type, you’ll help our expert system understand exactly what’s going on beneath the surface. In our opinion, the goal of foundation isn’t just to “cover-up”—it’s to increase the health of your skin over time. Knowing your current skin type helps us do this.


Dry Skin

Before applying your foundation, we recommend a moisturizer and primer simply to protect the skin barrier and keep it from flaking. For this skin type, a liquid foundation is usually preferred to lock in moisture.


Oily Skin

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin may need… more oil. When the skin barrier is imbalanced, sebum may overproduce. Oil cleansing helps to rebalance that sebum and oil production over time. Essentially, it lets the skin know, “hey, you’re safe. You don’t need to overcompensate.” Follow up your skincare routine with a powder or liquid foundation.



With combination skin, we recommend experimentation. Go with your intuition on your foundation choice and then see which options work best for your skin. Don’t forget to implement a powerful skincare routine, too.



You honestly have no complaints. You hit the genes jackpot and strangers often compliment your skin. For a balanced complexion, we recommend wearing either liquid foundation or mineral makeup whenever you need a little pick-me-up. You may be one of those lucky people who can toss the concealer.



How Age Influences Your Next Organic Foundation Purchase

Is it really impolite to ask a woman’s age? Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. As far as we know, you’re still twenty-five for the tenth year in a row.


The age category helps us understand your skin’s specific needs. Aging skin may require more attention to detail when picking a foundation, while younger skin can usually get away with a few different options.

For instance, if your main concern is smoothing wrinkles, we recommend a liquid foundation and skincare routine. Mineral makeup can sometimes settle into fine lines and won’t create as smooth a finish.




Your Daily Foundation Habits Can Influence Which Organic Makeup You Buy

 Are you an every day or once-in-a-while kind of makeup wearer? This could easily influence your foundation choice. In general, if you’re not wearing foundation every day, we recommend a little concealer here and there and a mineral foundation for rainy days. But if makeup is a ritual, then get out your makeup brush and make our liquid foundation your new BFF.





In Our Opinion, High-Quality Ingredients Are the Only Option for Organic Beauty Products

We can’t wait to see how your brand-new organic foundation suits you! While the quiz may take some effort up front, we hope it pays off when you get organic foundation delivered straight to your door. 

Meanwhile, we’ll let you in on a secret:

Our organic beauty brand isn’t just non-toxic. It’s pro-wellness.

It works behind the scenes to improve your complexion so that makeup eventually becomes optional rather than a necessity. Even down to our foundation recipes, ingredients are hand-picked to provide benefit to your complexion and work to improve the microbiome, sebum, and body as a whole. 



Ready to see where healthy ingredients can take you?

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