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Why Mineral Makeup Irritates Your Skin and What to Do about It

Why Mineral Makeup Irritates Your Skin and What to Do about It

What Is Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup entered the cosmetic world in the 1970s, but it’s been around much longer than that.

Ancient civilizations used ground minerals to create their own forms of makeup—painting their skin with various nature-made colors in order to enhance their beauty or represent their community.

The goal of mineral makeup is to create a finished appearance that’s light and natural—not cakey. Mineral makeups should be created with wholly natural ingredients, although many drugstore products today are not.

At Toups and Co, we create traditional mineral makeup—with ingredients like non-nano mica, zinc, and iron dioxides.



Why Does Mineral Makeup Irritate My Skin?

We’re learning more and more about the toxins in our makeup products—and how these toxins can negatively affect our hormones and overall well-being. Consumers are flocking to all-natural and organic makeup products, meaning mineral makeup users are on the rise.

However, some consumers have noticed that organic mineral makeup irritates their skin—causing acne breakouts, redness, and rashes.

If that’s you, we have good news. You don’t have to toss your healthy makeup options just yet.

Bismuth oxychloride is probably the cause of your distress. It’s a cheap filler that makeup companies use to stretch their product, and it does nothing to improve the state of your skin. It’s a known cause of irritation.

So if you have sensitive skin and are worried about how mineral makeup will affect you, check the ingredient label to make sure there’s no bismuth oxychloride—or other toxic chemicals—included.

Once you try mineral makeup that’s free of bismuth oxychloride, we promise you won’t look back.



Our Approach — Support for the Organic Lifestyle

Choosing to invest in organic makeup is a big step. It requires research, trial and error, and letting go of products you’ve relied on since early adulthood. When you’re ready to make the switch, we’re here to support you with fully organic and all-natural ingredients that make you look and feel better than you ever have.



Is Mineral Makeup Better for Your Skin?

Mineral makeup users tend to notice an improvement in their skin after a few weeks of regular application. This is totally opposite to drugstore foundations, which can cause breakouts and leave chemical residue and microplastics on your skin.

Today, with more and more research into the benefits of grounding, we know that regular exposure to nature’s minerals and the earth can positively impact our health. Not only that but the minerals can seep into our skin and feed our bodies.


1. It's Lighter Than Your Typical Foundation

While providing decent coverage, organic mineral makeup is lighter than your average foundation. It’s a well-loved option for women who appreciate a more natural look that doesn’t completely overwhelm their complexion.


2. It May Improve the Overall Health of Your Skin

The most important thing you can do for your skin is protect its natural microbiome. Various environmental factors like pollution, processed foods, and chemical-filled body products can disrupt your skin’s natural rhythm and healing processes.

With mineral makeup, you can cover up your acne and imperfections while giving your skin the healthy ingredients it needs to heal.

Many of our customers notice vast improvements in their complexion after consistent use of mineral makeup.


3. It Can Work as a Natural Sunscreen

Non-nano titanium dioxide—a true hero in natural skincare. This earth-made ingredient is used in sunscreen and is known for its ability to block UV rays. Since it's lighter in color, it can also reflect the sun away from your face.

We believe sun exposure offers many benefits to humankind—especially Vitamin D. But too much exposure can lead to nasty burns and early aging. Finding the right balance is key to living a healthy lifestyle.

With mineral makeup, you can apply as many coats of foundation as you want—putting you in full control of your sun exposure.


4. It Contains Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties

There are lots of ways to reduce morning puffiness—like gua sha, dry brushing, and frozen cucumbers. But regular puffiness may be a sign of underlying issues, like inflammation.

The non-nano titanium dioxide included in our mineral makeup provides natural anti-inflammatory properties to your skin. It’s a great option for people who already struggle with inflammation overload.


5. It Won't Accentuate Your Fine Lines

No one wants to go through the nightmare of carefully applying makeup—only to watch it settle into fine lines. Mineral makeup is a light foundation that glides over the skin and won’t accidentally age you. In fact, it’s one of the best options for aging skin, since it doesn’t include the toxic chemicals that cause long-term damage.



Mineral Makeup vs. Liquid Foundation — Which is Right for You?

Choosing between mineral makeup and liquid foundation is a personal decision—and it depends on your own preferences. Many women choose organic skincare products they’re already comfortable using, and this helps when making the switch over from drugstore products.

Liquid Foundation

Toups and Co liquid foundation contains a lot of healthy ingredients for your skin, including aloe vera, shea butter, and plant extracts. Overall, it gives a fuller and thicker finish than mineral makeup and works best for people who are attached to their makeup sponge routine.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is a powder—and it’s applied with a round makeup brush. You’ll start by dusting your face in a circular motion with your first coat. Once that coat is applied, you can add as many coats as you want, until you get your desired effect.

Mineral makeup is lighter than traditional liquid foundations and is better for women who prefer a more natural look. It may also help those who struggle with mineral deficiencies and who are prone to breakouts.


Let Us Help You Build Your Non-Toxic Makeup Bag

You’ll never regret investing in your health. Foundation is the first step toward your non-toxic makeup routine, and it will soar above your expectations.

Choose your mineral makeup shade today. Or, if you’re unsure which shade fits your complexion, try our sample kit.