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All the Products We’re Giving Away this Christmas (And How to Enter to Win)

All the Products We’re Giving Away this Christmas (And How to Enter to Win)

As we enter a busy holiday season of packing orders and mailing Christmas presents to your loved ones, we cannot help but appreciate how supportive our community has been throughout 2023.

We’re so grateful you share our obsession with clean skincare and makeup—and that you trust us with your choices.

This year, to express just a small part of our gratitude, we’re doing a mega-fun Christmas giveaway. Join in on our giving spree for your chance to win one of almost a hundred gifts.

How to Enter the Christmas Giveaway

Our epic holiday giveaway is based on the twelve days of Christmas. But don’t worry—you won’t find a partridge in a pear tree on your doorstep.

For the first twelve days of December, we’ll be adding surprise Christmas gifts (from us to you!) to select orders. So you can check off all your Christmas shopping—and maybe win a little something for yourself in the meantime.

Here’s how to enter to win our Christmas giveaway:

  1. Check out our chart below to see which products will be up for grabs each day.

  1. No entry necessary! We are randomly picking order numbers from each day.

  1. Find out if you win! We’ll be announcing winners over on Instagram.

  1. Invite your friends to join the giveaway. The more the merrier, right?

Our Epic Clean Skincare and Makeup Giveaway Chart


Product You Can Win

How Many We’re Giving Away

December 1st

Glow Serum


December 2nd

Resurfacing Mask


December 3rd

Body Oil


December 4th

Tinted Lip Balm


December 5th

Frankincense Tallow Balm


December 6th



December 7th

Rose Gold Luminizer Pots


December 8th

Tallow Sticks


December 9th

Mini Balm Sets


December 10th

Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil


December 11th

Toups and Co Swag


December 12th

Lavender Soap


All the Products We’re Giving Away This Christmas

Not to gush about our favorite giveaway products, but … okay, we’re gushing. Learn more about each giveaway item—and use your exclusive intel to determine which day to place your order.

  1. Glow Serum

Fight aging with our bestselling Glow Serum. With a subtle earthy scent, this serum targets cellular repair to help boost elasticity and revive your skin for a youthful glow. Organic ingredients (helichrysum, evening primrose, and calendula flowers) gently hydrate your skin and add antioxidants.

  1. The Resurfacing Mask

The Resurfacing Mask is our first and only product (so far!) with blue C-phycocyanin algae extract, an ingredient that’s disrupting natural skincare. It’s shown in studies to have natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that directly target oxidative stress. Our customers say it erases blackheads and encourages skin so smooth that makeup feels optional.

  1. Organic Body Oil

Embrace the wisdom (and skincare routines) of our ancestors. Using body oil is a practice that dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Ingredients in our Organic Body Oil include jojoba oil and avocado oil which naturally hydrate the skin and help to nourish the microbiome. Your after-shower routine has never been better.

  1. Tinted Lip Balm

We combined our bestselling tallow-based lip balm with a touch of merlot color for subtle holiday glam. It’s the perfect alternative to toxic lip stains and keeps your lips both soft and colorful throughout the day. Many of our customers share the Tinted Lip Balm with their daughters since it’s totally toxin-free, and young girls want to join in on the holiday lipstick fun.

  1. Frankincense Tallow Balm

Not to be biased but the Frankincense Face Balm is our favorite tallow balm. Especially since it comes with added health benefits (things like stress relief and memory improvement). It’s a luxurious face balm that may help boost skin elasticity, increase hydration, and improve acne and wrinkles.

  1. Natural Deodorant

Give your holiday gift to everyone else. Unfortunately, many natural deodorant recipes just don’t do the job—and we all have a horror story to prove it. You don’t want to be stress sweating during Christmas because Aunt Linda asked you why seed oil mayonnaise is off limits. Toups and Co Natural Deodorant to the rescue. We tested countless recipes ourselves until we found one that actually works.

  1. Luminizer Pots

Add some Christmas shimmer to your eyelids, nose, and cheekbones. The Rose Gold Luminizer Pots are a favorite among our community—and add an extra glow. They apply like a cream—and don’t contain any forever chemicals (which are common in glitter products).

  1. Hydrating Tallow Stick

It’s an on-the-go lip balm for your whole body. Take the nourishing and healing power of tallow with you anywhere. We released the Hydrating Tallow Stick this year, and it’s already a bestseller. It’s our first product infused with emu oil (extremely beneficial for the face) and it’s great for cuts, scrapes, chapped skin, sunburn, and more.

  1. Mini Tallow Balm Sets

You get a tallow balm, and you get a tallow balm. Winning a Mini Tallow Balm Set means you can keep all the balms for yourself—or you can use them as gifts and stocking stuffers. Included are the Original, Sweet Girl, and Frankincense scents.

  1. Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil

If acne is putting a damper on your holiday photos, it may be time to rebalance your skin’s microbiome. Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil is said to benefit estrogen levels in your body—unlike other face cleansers that mimic estrogen and increase toxin overload in the body. Instead of stripping oils and sebum from your skin, an oil cleanser helps to rebalance your body’s natural oils, working alongside them instead of against them.

  1. Toups and Co Swag

Love telling the world about your favorite Toups and Co products? Same. This year, we built a brand new distribution center—and celebrated with new branding and Toups and Co swag. Join the “inner circle” and win your very own Toups and Co swag hat before we release these designs to the public.

  1.  All-Natural Lavender Soaps


Just a hundred years ago, soaps were made with healthy oils (like tallow) and leftover kitchen ingredients. Instead of stripping the skin of its natural oils, these soaps cleansed the skin and nourished the body’s careful balance of oils. When you return to ancestral skincare, over time your body should adjust to having oils available and begin to produce less. With our All-Natural Lavender Soap, you can have less stink, better hygiene, and fewer showers.

Another Year of Clean Skincare and Makeup in the Books

We absolutely hit the jackpot with our supportive community (aka you). We love sharing our products with people who need and love them as much as we do. Thank you so much for your support and love for Toups and Co throughout the year.


Best of luck to those who enter our Christmas giveaway—we hope you win!


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