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Your Foundation Has Changed: Our Guide to Finding Your Ride-or-Die Shade

Your Foundation Has Changed: Our Guide to Finding Your Ride-or-Die Shade

PSA: Your favorite foundation shade has changed!

Organic foundation is a customer favorite…and that’s no shock to us. Not only is it created with an array of good-for-you ingredients (hello, aloe vera leaf juice and shea butter) but you won’t find anything questionable in our products, either.

No parabens, no phthalates, no fillers, no formaldehyde…you get the idea.

Many of our customers report an improved complexion after using the foundation consistently (and no, it’s not just from that cover-up magic).

We get it, no one likes change. So let’s call these improvements.

We’ve improved our customer-favorite organic foundation with a few small tweaks. Here’s what to expect:

  • Same amazing formula you can’t stop bragging to your friends about.

  • Same brand values: healthy ingredients, products that work, family-owned.

  • NEW glass bottles, so we can continue our efforts to protect the environment.

  • NEW shade names, based on your skin’s undertone.

  • NEW classic labeling system — ‘cause we like to look pretty!



How to Find Your New Organic Foundation Shade

Our formulas haven’t changed. But the name of your favorite foundation has. This is because we’re creating space for additional color shades. Yep, even more Toups and Co organic foundation coming to your mailbox in the future!

While you’re adjusting to the recent improvements, consult this chart to ensure you purchase your ride-or-die shade.

Previous Shade Name

New Shade Name






Gulf Sand


Sea Oats


















Why We’re Switching to Glass Bottles: Our Commitment to Healthy Skin and Environmental Protection

We take our commitment as a clean makeup brand seriously—and want to ensure there’s no chance that microplastics could make their way into your skin or body. That’s why we’ve made the switch to glass bottles only. Plastic leaching never had a chance…

Glass bottles also reflect our commitment to the environment. The new-and-improved bottles are recyclable. We want to do our part in eliminating toxins in all practices!



Ingredient Spotlight: What’s in Our Organic Foundation?

So why are we so passionate about creating the best ingredient-rich organic foundation on the market? We believe women should be allowed to express themselves through makeup—without having to compromise on ingredients.

When we started Toups and Co, there weren’t a lot of options for organic makeup available. But we quickly learned that we could replace toxic fillers with high-quality ingredients, infuse our products with nontoxic pigmentation, and never compromise on product quality.

It was almost too easy.

Let’s break it down: Here’s the difference you can expect from Toups and Co products.

Toups and Co Organics

Drugstore Makeup Brands

Aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, herbal extracts, Vitamin E, zinc oxides, candelilla wax, and more. Read the full ingredients list.

Fragrance (aka undisclosed chemicals), formaldehyde releasers, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, microplastics, triclosan (antimicrobial agents), sulfates, oxybenzone, talc, and more.



Tips to Brighten Your Complexion and Get the Most Out of Your Organic Foundation Application

We’re confident you’ll love the application of our organic foundation, but we have a few tricks up our sleeve to create an even more smooth and air-brushed finish.


1. Apply a High-Quality Primer or Moisturizer

We can’t talk enough about the difference a high-quality makeup primer or moisturizer makes for your skin and makeup application. It’s actually game-changing.

A makeup primer leaves a smooth (not greasy) finish on your skin, allowing your organic foundation to glide on without any bumps or smudges. Makeup is applied more evenly, and you may be able to use less organic foundation overall.

Another way that primer comes in clutch is by improving the blend of organic makeup. You’ll feel confident trying out the elusive smokey eye or layering your foundation—without keeping emotional-support makeup wipes nearby.


2. Remove Your Organic Makeup with the Oil Cleansing Method

If you’re removing your organic makeup with a toxic makeup remover, you’re missing the point. Chemical-filled makeup removers can strip the important natural oils from your face while leaving icky ingredients to seep into your skin all night long.

Instead of typical makeup removers, we recommend taking off your organic foundation with the oil cleansing method. Not only does oil cleansing work to remove makeup, dirt, and the day’s impurities but it can also replenish the natural oils on your face and feed your microbiome.

The oil cleansing method is popular for both aging skin and acne-prone skin. Since healthy oil deposits moisture into the skin, it can guard against wrinkles. Additionally, a dose of healthy oil can actually help prevent breakouts—by alerting your skin that it has enough moisture and doesn’t need to overproduce.



Not Quite Ready to Commit to a Foundation Shade? Try Our Foundation Sample Set

Even with accurate pictures and thorough descriptions, it can feel intimidating to commit to a foundation shade over the internet. Our priority is to help you find your perfect shade. We want to help you avoid ordering a whole bottle of brand-new organic foundation you can’t wait to try…only for you to be dissatisfied with your shade selection.

That’s why we created our foundation sample sets. You decide whether your skin falls into the light, medium, or dark category—and we handle the rest. We’ll send you four samples of organic foundation, in your selected category, so you can try them all and find the one that’s best for you.

Begin Your Journey to Organic Makeup — Try Our Foundation Sample Set