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Body Oil vs. Lotion: Discover What Your Skin Is Craving

Body Oil vs. Lotion: Discover What Your Skin Is Craving

Lotion is a staple in any bathroom cabinet—especially during the winter months. For centuries, we’ve used lotion as the solution to dry skin, irritation, eczema, dehydration, wrinkles, and more.

But did you know there’s an ancient dry skin solution that predates lotion?

Before we had lotion we had body oil. But what’s the difference?

While both products are known for their moisturizing capabilities, they are used for different issues—and actually have some major differences.

Which one is best for your skin? That comes down to your personal skincare needs. Let’s break down the real differences between lotion and body oil:



Body Oil vs. Lotion: What’s the Difference?

Finally, a solution to the mystery. And it always comes back to ingredients. 




An Examination That’s More Than Skin Deep

While lotion can be used to soothe irritated skin, it’s also hiding secrets. Many modern lotions contain chemicals that decrease the effectiveness of the product—and may even put you at risk for hormone disruption. Active ingredients are watered down in favor of cheap fillers like parabens, emulsifiers, thickeners, and preservatives.

Are all lotions bad? Absolutely not. In fact, our bestselling tallow balm is a customer favorite (and only contains three ingredients).

Lotion provides quick moisture to thirsty skin. Lotion can renew dry skin, heal chafing, and soothe irritation. Its main benefits are its thicker consistency and that it applies and dries quickly. Just make sure you get it from a trusted brand.

When you use lotion, think of it as your bandaid remedy. You can use it on the fly for pesky skin irritations—but you should probably use something else to maintain a strong skin barrier.

That’s where body oil comes in. . . .


Body Oil

If Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working, Try This

An ancestral skincare remedy that dates back to ancient Egypt, body oil managed to avoid the attention of modern skincare gurus until recently. And that’s a shame because body oil is incredibly hydrating and offers its own set of unique benefits to the skin and body.

When you use body oil, you’re targeting the skin barrier—the part of your body that keeps all the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. In addition, organic body oil helps to hydrate the skin without stripping it of natural oils.

This is important for cleanliness (when you strip oil from your skin, your body produces more of it—and you may need to shower more often), and it allows your body to maintain its most natural pH.

Finally, body oil helps to feed and protect the healthy microbiome that lives on your skin barrier. The more healthy bacteria you have, the less likely you are to deal with skin issues.



The Benefits of Organic Body Oil

Need more convincing? Organic body oil comes with a ton of skin and health benefits!

  • Organic body oil helps clean and nourish the skin without disrupting your natural pH or microbiome.

  • When made responsibly, your organic body oil contains no fillers. That means all the nourishing ingredients advertised on the bottle actually go directly to your skin.

  • Its soothing properties and subtle scents can improve sleep quality—especially if you use it as a massage oil.



How to Use Body Oil

Our body oil comes with a spray bottle cap—which saves loads of energy when applying (trust us). Gently spray the body oil onto clean skin and massage until it’s no longer sticky. You can apply body oil to any external area of the skin—particularly dry areas or problem spots that may need a little extra love.

Bonus: Use a massage roller or an anti-cellulite massager to apply the oil.



How to Get the Most Out of Your Organic Body Oil

Small habits go a long way. Here’s how you can optimize your organic body oil application:


  • Dry Brush Before Application

Dry brushing is an easy way to boost your lymphatic system (goals) and remove dead skin. This allows for a smoother and more even application of organic body oil. Our method of choice? Dry brush, hop in the shower, and finish with body oil before starting your day.


  • Use Body Oil as an Organic Massage Oil

Date night, is that you? Body oil offers a relaxed mood and subtle scent—the perfect pairing for a massage. Whether you’re single or dating, using body oil as a massage oil can not only help you feel relaxed but also improve your sleep quality.


  • Apply After a Shower

Catch your skin right after a shower, when it’s ready to soak in nourishing moisture.  The steam will help open your pores—allowing the oil to penetrate deep into the skin. It will probably spread easier, too!



The Actual Reason We Love Organic Body Oil

We’re big fans of tried-and-true organic skincare options. Sure, a fancy lotion might have the approval of Amazon reviewers . . . but body oil has the approval of ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and ancient Greece . . . need we say more?

Our ancestors used skincare remedies for a reason, and they tested them over thousands of years. Why mess with a good thing? We’re backed by science and history. Take the first step toward rejuvenated skin. You won’t regret it.

Experience the Difference of Ancestral Skincare — Try Organic Body Oil