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How to lmprove Stretch Marks and Scars Naturally

How to lmprove Stretch Marks and Scars Naturally

Your Stretch Marks Don’t Control Your Happiness

Stretch marks are a natural part of the human experience.

Beauty campaigns and fad diets might want you to think your stretch marks are abnormal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stretch marks affect 50-90% of women worldwide.

You’re more likely to meet someone with stretch marks than someone without them!



Confidence: Activated

Think of your stretch marks as a coping mechanism. When your body knows it can’t keep up with rapid pregnancy or puberty growth, it uses a secondary method to keep you safe: stretch marks!

These lines appear when there’s a lack of skin elasticity and collagen. Their goal is to create room for growth without damaging other vital organs.

For some, stretch marks may be hereditary. For others, they could be a red flag that something’s going on beneath the surface.

In a world obsessed with physical appearance, it’s easy to feel defeated by our imperfections.


Here’s Our Advice:

Stretch marks bond you with generations of strong women. They’re part of a bigger story—one that proclaims fertility, confidence, and the unbeatable human spirit.

When you’re worried about how your stretch marks look, remember that your body is doing its best to keep you healthy and protected.



The History behind Stretch Marks

Stretch mark remedies are scattered throughout history—with references dating back to ancient Egypt. Yep, they built the pyramids and considered stretch marks to be normal. Your skin connects you with some of the world’s most advanced societies!

The famous hammam bath draws its roots from the ancient Roman and Byzantine empires. Although the goal of the hammam bath isn’t specifically to remove stretch marks, the argan oils and exfoliation methods used are now associated with stretch mark prevention and care.

The truth is, men and women have experienced stretch marks for centuries. They’re not new news.

Hammam baths are still popular healing treatments in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks and Scars

There are many things we do to improve our physical appearance. A little blush never hurt anyone—but applying blush doesn’t mean we hate our natural cheeks.

In the same way, it’s important to know there are ways to improve the appearance of stretch marks, without hating on your body.

Eat Foods That Increase Collagen Production

What’s the root cause of stretch marks again? 

It’s usually collagen deficiency. 

When your body doesn’t have enough collagen to go around, stretch marks appear. 

It may benefit your skin to consume collagen-rich foods, like bone broth and gelatin. Other foods rich in oils and healthy fats are essential to skin healing. Try including organic natural oils, fish, avocadoes, and berries in your diet. You can drink herbal teas, too.

Some people find that eliminating gluten can help with skin issues, such as stretch marks, eczema, and unexplained rashes. If nothing else helps your skin, this may be worth a shot.


Moisturize Affected Areas

Moisture is always good for the skin. Natural moisturizers like cocoa butter and shea butter are commonly recommended as healing remedies for stretch marks. Although there’s no evidence that these can completely eliminate your marks, they can add rich, healing properties to your natural microbiome—and are a great habit to add to your routine.

Tallow balm acts as a great moisturizer because it softens the skin and includes essential vitamins and minerals. Soft and supple skin is a bonus!


Try Natural “Microdermabrasion

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a plastic surgeon for sketchy microdermabrasion treatments. You can do a much safer—and effective—treatment from home.

With microdermabrasion, you’re irritating the affected skin—which seems counterproductive. But it actually signals your brain to send more collagen to the area for healing. This is similar to the idea of homeopathy.

At home, you can use our sugar scrub recipe to create a natural “microdermabrasion” with only a few ingredients.

Our Recipe:
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • ½ cup of avocado oil (coconut and olive oil work, too!)
  • 3 drops of essential oil for scent
  • 1 tbsp of lemon juice (optional: if you want to lighten scars)


Take your sugar scrub into the shower with you and turn on the hot water. Wash your skin with soap and water as normal. Then, gently apply the sugar scrub to affected areas, scrubbing in a circular motion. Make sure you are careful not to break the skin or cause irritation.

Rinse off the excess sugar with cool water. Then, apply tallow balm or natural lotion immediately after getting out of the shower.


Check for Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Your body is brilliant.

When experiencing vitamin, mineral, or hormone deficiencies, your body will spend its healing energy trying to rebalance. When choosing between vital body functions and healthy skin, your body may direct all its energy toward healing the internal instead of the external.

In these cases, your stretch marks may be alerting you of more serious medical issues. If you suspect vitamin or mineral deficiencies, make sure to check with your doctor.


Begin Preventative Treatments before Pregnancy

You won’t always have the luxury of anticipating stretch marks. But with pregnancy, you can make an educated guess and use treatments before your skin is stretched. By moisturizing your skin twice a day and eating a rich diet, you may prevent stretch marks—and you’ll certainly give your baby the nutrients he or she needs to grow.




We’ve All Got Scars

Don’t allow toxic beauty culture to determine how you feel about yourself. The stretch marks and scars that make a home on your body tell an important story. They hold significance—for something you’ve been through or a sacrifice you’ve made.

Whether the marks come from pregnancy or rapid teenage growth, they matter. You matter.

Grief and growth often coexist. Allow yourself to grieve what your body used to be. And when it’s time for growth, build yourself back up. You have a lot to be proud of, whether it’s the growth of a tiny human or the progress you’ve made cultivating your own self-worth.

You’re amazing—and we’re proud of you.

Healing remedies to try:

Glow Serum | Tallow Balm