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How to Use Bakuchiol Serum as a Natural Retinol Alternative (Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects)

How to Use Bakuchiol Serum as a Natural Retinol Alternative (Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects)

When it comes to skincare and skin nourishment, nature knows best.

Plants, animal fats, honey, and tinctures cared for the skin of our ancestors.

Today, they are just as effective and connect us with the earth.

At Toups and Co, our tagline is “Beauty inspired by nature” — and we truly mean it.

We use natural ingredients in their purest form and gently enhance them through…

  • Responsible Sourcing — We use primarily local ingredients from farmers we trust.

  • Minimal or No Processing — Oils are cold-pressed, and beef tallow is carefully rendered.

  • Ingredient Pairing — Instead of preservatives, we find natural ingredients that enhance shelf life (like raw honey). We also use natural oils, AHA fruit acids, and vitamins for the best skincare outcome.

  • Essential Oil Support — All scented products contain high-quality essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances.

So what do these principles have to do with bakuchiol as a retinol alternative?

Well, we’ve talked before about how most vitamin A (or retinol) is synthetically produced. When we apply our skincare principles to synthetic retinol, they don’t meet the standard for safe, effective, and nature-inspired skincare.

But bakuchiol does.

What Is Bakuchiol?

Made from seeds in the “Babchi” plant, bakuchiol may seem like a new trend in natural skincare, but it’s actually centuries old. Its used in both Chinese medicine and Ayurveda — specifically for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Although it’s considered an effective retinol alternative, bakuchiol isn’t the same as retinol. Chemically speaking, it couldn’t be more different.

But that’s a good thing.

Bakuchiol has shown to have the same skin-renewing effects as retinol, with less concerning findings and better skin compatibility.

Here are a few benefits of using a bakuchiol serum in your skincare routine:

How to Use Bakuchiol as a Natural Retinol Alternative

If you use retinol in your skincare routine, there are some significant differences between it and bakuchiol serum. These tips can help you make a gentle transition to your retinol alternative.

  • Apply Bakuchiol Daily — Bakuchiol is a gentle plant-based retinol alternative, so it can be used safely every day. There’s typically no irritation or “retinol burn” — a common side-effect you’re familiar with if you use retinol.

  • We created a bakuchiol serum for daily use and noticed that results are faster with regular application.

  • Hydrate Regularly — Bakuchiol can be moisturizing on its own, but it’s most effective when paired with a hydrating skincare ingredient. We love tallow balm for this or an oil cleanser.

  • Exfoliate Often Yes, it’s safe to exfoliate while using bakuchiol. It’s also effective. Gentle exfoliation (with a dry brush or AHA fruit acids) can enhance cell turnover and collagen production.

  • Include Vitamin A in Your Diet There are some powerful skincare products that contain naturally occurring vitamin A (tallow balm for example). But we also recommend intentionally including vitamin A in your diet, to nourish your skin from the inside out.

    • Eat More Antioxidants — Found in fruits, berries, vegetables, and high-quality dairy products, antioxidants assist in cell turnover. We always recommend a combination of diet and skincare products for optimal results.

    So Many Reasons to Love Bakuchiol Serum

    Here’s why bakuchiol serum is one of our top choices for aging skin.

    • Cell Turnover Benefits — The ability to regenerate skin cells is tied to youthful and plump skin. Bakuchiol gently triggers cell turnover from the inside out.

    • Improves Skin Color — Our customers who use our bakuchiol serum report fewer sunspots.

    • Encourages Collagen Production — Regular use of bakuchiol can promote collagen production, which in turn helps with cell growth, skin structure, and natural glow.

    Bakuchiol Serum vs. Retinol Serum: What’s the Difference?

    Let’s explore some key differences between retinol and bakuchiol serum…

    Retinol Serum

    It’s absolutely true that conventional retinols are helpful for reducing sun spots, fading wrinkles, and smoothing the skin. If you’ve used a retinol product before, you’ve probably experienced these benefits firsthand.

    Our main concern with retinol is the synthetic manufacturing. The end result of a retinol product is a much stronger and more potent version of synthetic vitamin A — which can cause irritation (aka retinol burn) and sensitivity to sun exposure. The safety of this synthetic vitamin A is still being discussed, and retinol skincare isn’t recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

    Bakuchiol Serum

    Known as “nature’s retinol,” bakuchiol serum brings all the same graceful aging benefits expected with retinol. It supports cell turnover for a smooth complexion, plump skin, and less redness.

    The brilliance of bakuchiol serum, however, lies not just in what it does for the skin but in what it doesn’t do. It’s extremely gentle and rarely causes irritation. In fact, it’s been used in studies as a quick wound healing remedy (quite the opposite of retinol).

    Bakuchiol serums are well-loved by…

    • Pregnant and breastfeeding moms
    • People with sensitive skin
    • People who sunburn easily
    • The nontoxic community
    • People with a disrupted skin barrier

    Nature Always Has an Answer

    Finding natural products to fit your nontoxic lifestyle can feel overwhelming at first. And you may run across a few that don’t provide the same results as drugstore products.

    But here’s a piece of encouragement you can take with you on this journey:

    Nature always has an answer even if you don’t know what it is yet.

    We’re so disconnected from ancestral practices and nature-based living that it’s only natural for this transition to take time (and a little trial and error).

    Don’t give up just yet. Nature met the needs of our ancestors for centuries — and it can continue to meet our needs today.

    All we have to do is break free from the noise of the modern world and uncover the traditional skincare secrets that used to be standard, like bakuchiol.

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