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How to Dry Brush : The Ancestral Habit That's Said to Increase Energy, Remove Cellulite, and Naturally Exfoliate

How to Dry Brush : The Ancestral Habit That's Said to Increase Energy, Remove Cellulite, and Naturally Exfoliate

How did our ancestors take care of their skin?

We often talk about the benefits of ancestral skincare products like cleansing oils and tallow balm—but these are just a few of the methods used by the generations before us to care for their skin and body.

Our ancestors perfected dozens of skincare habits and practices that have been lost to time due to modern medicine and convenience.

One of them is called dry brushing.

Today we’re reintroducing you to a centuries-old practice for cellulite removal, natural exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, and increased energy.


What Is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is an ayurvedic practice that engages the lymphatic system and removes dead skin from the body. It’s a very simple habit (as easy as brushing your hair), and it comes with a myriad of benefits to the skin and body.

Simply use a firm-bristled brush and go over your entire body—from toes to head. Since your skin is your largest organ, it makes sense that daily upkeep through dry brushing can moisturize and soften the skin in addition to waking up your lymphatic system.


The Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing isn’t just for people with skin concerns. Everyone can enjoy a five-minute dry brush to begin their day. Here are just a few of the benefits of dry brushing that you might experience when you add this easy habit into your daily routine.

Dry Brushing for Natural Exfoliation

The bristles of a traditional dry brush are dense and firm (though they don’t hurt). Brushing them over your skin can naturally unclog pores, soften skin, and remove dead skin cells. For this reason, we recommend dry brushing before a shower so you can wash off, open your pores, and then finish off with tallow balm or body oil to lock in all-day moisture.

Dry Brushing for Lymphatic Drainage

Do you have swollen lymph nodes or struggle to detox? Dry brushing may help you.

Dry brushing can boost circulation and get sluggish lymphatic fluid moving. It may not take effect as quickly as a lymphatic massage, but a daily dry brushing routine may be exactly what you need to upkeep your lymphatic wellness.

Dry Brushing for Energy

Do you desperately need to ditch that morning cup of coffee? Dry brushing for energy might be the answer. Since it can boost circulation and get lymphatic fluid moving, many people experience a natural energy boost right after dry brushing. And since it’s completely natural, the energy is dispersed evenly with no caffeine crash.

Dry Brushing for Cellulite

If inflammation is behind your cellulite, dry brushing may help to reduce the appearance. Regular full-body exfoliation from dry brushing may strengthen connective tissue and increase collagen in the skin. Many women swear by it as their remedy to cellulite. If this is the main reason you’re turning to dry brushing, we recommend using body oils and massage, too.


How to Dry Brush — Three Easy Steps for Beginners 

Intrigued by all the benefits of dry brushing but not sure how to start? Our recommended method takes only five minutes before your morning shower. Within a few weeks, we think you’ll be just as obsessed with dry brushing as we are.

1. Choose a Dry Brush

We recommend one with firm bristles and a comfortable wooden handle—so it’s eco-friendly and plastic free. This is our personal favorite eco-friendly dry brush.

2. Begin Your Dry Brushing Routine

Start at your hands and feet and work your way slowly toward your heart. You should cover your legs, arms, core, shoulders, neck, and chest—always working toward your heart as you go. Dry brushing should be done on dry skin (not freshly showered) and should only take a few minutes. Your skin will immediately feel softer and you may notice a boost of energy.

3. Finish with a Moisturizer

We encourage hopping in the shower to wash off dead skin—but if you’re in a hurry, it’s better to finish with a healthy moisturizer to give nourishment back to your skin. We recommend tallow balm (filled with naturally-occuring vitamins and minerals) or body oil as a holistic lotion replacement. This way, your freshly exfoliated skin is given a little extra comfort and love before you go about your day.



How to Get the Most Out of Your Dry Brushing Routine

While a basic three-step dry brushing routine is enough to provide you with many health benefits, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. These extra steps will increase the benefits of your dry brushing ritual and help you target problem areas (like inflammation, dry skin, cellulite, and sensitive skin).

1. Combine Dry Brushing with Sauna Use

What’s better than one ancestral skincare remedy? Two. Dry brushing and sauna use have routinely been paired together, especially for those who need extra detox and drainage support. The best way to combine the two is to complete your dry brushing routine before hopping in the sauna. This will remove dead skin and get your lymphatic system flowing, making it easier for your body to sweat out toxins. With so much fluid moving in your body, make sure to stay hydrated with clean minerals and electrolytes.

2. Coat the Bristles with Tallow Balm

If your skin is particularly sensitive or you’re new to dry brushing, it can help to coat the bristles of your brush with a thin layer of tallow balm. This will help moisture penetrate deep into the skin and provide more comfort as you learn the best dry brushing techniques for your body.

3. Finish with a Full Body Oil Massage

Dry brushing gets your blood moving briefly. But if you want to experience longer-lasting benefits throughout the day, try a relaxing full body oil massage. After the dead skin has been removed (via dry brushing), you can spray on a little bit of body oil and keep the blood and lymphatic fluid moving. This may benefit those who need lymphatic intervention or a little extra self care.



In an Inflammatory World, We Believe Gentle Detox Is the Key to Long-Term Health

Our mission is to help everyone live healthier lives by providing non-toxic skincare and makeup products. But we know that swapping out toxic products is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining your health.

There are so many toxins out there that are impacting how we feel—in our food, water, air, and self-care products. They can’t all be avoided. That’s why we’re passionate about sharing detox methods like dry brushing to help you take control of your health again.

Dry brushing is a simple five minute routine that can help so much when it comes to detox and inflammation prevention. Try it for yourself!

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