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5 Organic Makeup and Skincare Habits for the Minimalist

5 Organic Makeup and Skincare Habits for the Minimalist

Whether you’ve worked hard to simplify your makeup routine or you come by it naturally, creating an easy ten minute morning routine adds so many benefits to your life. You can gain extra time to do what you love—and fifteen minutes of extra sleep in the morning—without sacrificing your face.

We gathered these tips for the person who wants their morning routine to center around wellness, ease, and beauty.



Oil Cleansing — A Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Makeup Remover All-in-One

Even without considering the time-saving benefits, oil cleansing is one of our favorite methods for removing dirt and pollution from the pores. Since your skin already produces natural oil, using a plant oil like seabuckthorn or jojoba oil preserves the skin’s natural radiance.

Oil cleansing can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, and moisturizer all-in-one. Typically, two rounds of oil cleansing are recommended (once to remove makeup and again for moisture), but if you’re looking to save time, just a quick once-over is acceptable.


How to Oil Cleanse:
  1. Pour a quarter-sized amount of seabuckthorn cleansing oil into your palm.
  2.  Separate your face into sections (cheeks, chin, forehead, nose), and gently massage the oil into each section.
  3. Continue to massage the oil into your skin. You may feel dirt and grime release from your pores.
  4. When finished, use a damp cloth to remove all traces of oil.
  5. Repeat a second time if desired.
Estimated Time:
  • 3 minutes.

Seabuckthorn Cleansing Oil

Organic Cotton Rounds



A Blush and Lipstick Combo — For Less on Your Face and Less in Your Makeup Bag

Instagram models might like you to believe you need all the best products to create a flawless finish—but you really don’t. One way to cut down on product volume, cost, and time is to use a blush and a lipstick combo.

Blush and lipstick both add healthy color to your face. Unless you’re going all out with a bold red or purple lip, your blush can usually double as a lipstick—and vice versa.

Our nourishing lipstick is light enough to double as a blush—and many of our customers use it that way. Our cream blush also can be applied to cheeks, lips, and even used as eyeshadow.

You’d be surprised by how much time it takes to pick out a different blush and lipstick every morning. Using the same product for both will save time and hassle, so you can complete your morning routine in a quick ten minutes—without sacrificing your overall look.

Estimated Time:
  • 1 minute.

Nourishing Lipstick

Cream Blush




Organic Mineral Makeup — Coverage That Feels Like Nothing

Mineral makeup is one of our favorite products for minimalists. Unlike liquid foundations, it requires very little effort to apply and blend. It goes on with a light finish that covers blemishes but feels like you’re not wearing any makeup at all.

When it comes to establishing a minimalist makeup routine, it’s worth considering the upkeep of the makeup application—including smudging, reapplying, and residue. In our experience, mineral makeup is the perfect single-application makeup.

Estimated Time:
  • 2 minutes. 

Organic Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup Brush



Dry Brushing — Lymphatic Drainage Support and Natural Exfoliation

Like we mentioned in the beginning, these tips consider ease, beauty, and wellness. Dry brushing is a simple skincare habit that’s known for its amazing health benefits, alongside its benefits for the skin. Dry brushing addresses the whole body—specifically targeting areas that may feel dry or dull.

A natural exfoliant, dry brushing helps get the lymphatic system draining. This aids in detox, boosts energy levels, and can unclog pores.

How to Dry Brush:
  1. Start at your feet and begin brushing your entire body in an upward motion—toward your heart.
  2. Cover your core, arms, and legs—all while brushing toward your heart.
  3. Option to take a quick shower to wash off any remaining dead skin. Most of our customers include a dry brushing routine before their morning shower.
  4. Option to apply lotion or body oil to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Estimated Time:
  • 3 minutes. Longer if you include body oil or lotion application.

Dry Brush

Organic Body Oil



A Tallow Stick — For On-the-Go Nourishment and Dry Skin Aid

Tallow is one of our best-selling products—and for good reason. It’s an ancient skincare remedy that works like a lotion but provides countless other natural skin benefits. It has no fillers or irritants, and it helps heal dry skin, cracked skin, acne, chafing, and so much more. Tallow is basically the first aid of skincare.

Our brand new tallow stick is designed to lock in moisture on the go. Just drop it in your purse and use it to spot treat acne, cuts, scrapes, bruises, dry patches, and anything that needs moisture and natural vitamins.

Tallow is less of a morning skincare ritual (although some people use tallow balm as their moisturizer) and more of a must-have quick fix and everyday necessity.

Estimated Time:
  • 1 minute.

On-the-Go Tallow Stick





Here’s Your Permission to Allow Less to Be More

With Instagrammers, online articles, ads, and magazines bombarding us with the newest “healthy” skincare habit or gadget, the act of simply caring for our bodies can feel overwhelming. What rituals should we apply? If we only have a few minutes of self-care time in the morning, how do we feel good about the habits we can make time for?


Despite what clever marketing would lead you to believe, less is more when it comes to wellness and beauty. Instead of seeking out the trendiest makeup or skincare habits, find the habits that work for you. When you choose rituals that are easy to do and make you feel good, you’ll be more likely to do them—and reap the long-term benefits.


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