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The Story Behind Toups and Co: Our Journey from Conventional Products to Ancestral Organic Skincare

The Story Behind Toups and Co: Our Journey from Conventional Products to Ancestral Organic Skincare

It’s not every day you uproot your entire life and start a natural skincare company.

Before Toups and Co, we started out as a normal American family. We ate processed foods and regularly applied conventional lotions and body products to our skin.

To put it simply, we didn’t know any better. We made decisions based on what we were told would work for our family.

The breakthrough came from our daughter. Since her birth, she struggled with eczema, and we couldn’t find the root cause or any remedy that worked. The doctors prescribed various over-the-counter treatments, and they all failed. Sometimes, they even made her symptoms worse.

That’s when we really began to research the chemicals and ingredients in our environment. Whether it was pesticide-ridden foods, chemical-filled laundry detergents, or toxic lotions, we purged our home of everything toxic.

Suddenly, her symptoms improved.

And our whole family felt better.

We had more energy, better complexions, and stronger immune systems.

That was only the beginning.

Over time, we shifted our view of skincare to include not only “non-toxic” ingredients but “pro-skin” ingredients. We found ancestral skincare remedies (like tallow) that actively penetrate and feed the skin with vitamins and moisture.

Eventually, our family’s success story grew to include our friends and extended family. We received dozens of requests for tallow balms and homemade lotions . . . and that’s how Toups and Co began.


A Few Non-Negotiables: Quick Facts About Toups and Co Organic Skincare Products


Compromise is exactly why conventional skincare products fail.

So we don’t compromise.

Here’s what you can count on when shopping with Toups and Co:

  • Products are handmade in the USA (usually on our farm!).

  • We use high-quality ingredients that are sourced from fair-trade, sustainable, ethical, and local farms.

  • We never use cheap fillers. Every ingredient is hand-picked to do good for your skin and body.

  • We believe in trusting your own intuition when it comes to your family’s diet and skincare.

  • Accessibility is a must. Although it costs more to create our products, we’ll never price gouge.

  • Skincare shouldn’t simply be non-toxic. It should be pro-nourishment.

  • We bring the wisdom of ancestral skincare to your daily life.


Our Journey into Sustainable Farming — And How It Influences Our Natural Skincare Company


One thing that greatly influences our natural skincare brand is the family farm. 

After seeing such palpable health improvements through simple dietary and environmental changes, we made the decision to start our own sustainable farm. This provides us with our fresh meat, dairy, and produce—plus a lot of life lessons.

Now, we value simplicity.

We appreciate ingredients that work as hard as we do.

We see the benefit of walking barefoot and getting a daily dose of sunshine. We’ll never turn back from using real ingredients—in both our food and our organic skincare products.


Organic Skincare Products Shouldn’t Just be Non-Toxic — They Should be Pro-Nourishment


Like many novice crunchies, our family first turned to plant-based skincare products, like coconut oil, herbs, and more, to heal our skin issues.

Our original goal was simply to reverse our daughter’s eczema by eliminating chemical-laden products from our daily lives. Over time, that goal changed.

Contrary to popular belief, natural skincare products can actually do more for your skin than conventional products.

Think about it this way:

Conventional products include a few active ingredients—plus a whole lot of fillers to make the product last.

We don’t use fillers in our products, so every ingredient is working for the benefit of your skin and body. Whether it’s the carrier oil (such as tallow, coconut oil, and olive oil), the essential oil, or the vitamin-rich herbs—each product is carefully curated to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

That’s how skincare should be.


The Toups and Co Promise: What You Can Expect from Our Natural Skincare Company


We don’t just make new products and send them out into the world.

Everything you purchase from Toups and Co has been rigorously tested—usually by our family and friends—before it's released to the public.

New products are driven by our years of research into non-toxic ingredients, customer requests, and gaps we see in the organic skincare market.

We usually work on a product for a few years before it’s released on our website. This ensures that you get high-quality ingredients and high-quality results—always.


How to Begin Your Natural Skincare Journey


Maybe you’ve tried other natural skincare brands . . . just to be disappointed with the quality. Or perhaps this is your first time even considering natural skincare—and you have no idea where to start.

Wherever you are in your skincare journey, we’re here to help make the switch as easy as possible. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love the results.

Here are some of our top tips for switching over to natural skincare:

  • Start slow! You don’t have to order a dozen products and switch over your entire routine all at once. In fact, it’s probably better for your skin to get used to new products over time.

  • Find some accountability. You need a crunchy friend to go through the deodorant detox phase with you—trust us. If you don’t have any crunchy friends, join our email list to become part of the Toups and Co community.

  • Choose products you love, not products you tolerate. We know, toxic ingredients are really bad for you. It’s tempting to settle for non-toxic skincare that only sort of works. But you don’t have to settle. We’re committed to helping you find organic skincare that you love even more than the conventional stuff.


Love Our Natural Skincare Products? Here’s How You Can Get Involved


Ready to dive deeper into the world of natural skincare? We are, too. Here are some ways you can get involved with the Toups and Co family:

  • Follow us on Instagram for healthy skincare tips and tricks.

  • Apply to become a Toups and Co influencer. If you’re telling your friends about us already, you might as well reap the benefits!

  • Join our email list for exclusive coupons—and the crunchy community you’ve always wanted.