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Top 5 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oils

Top 5 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oils


What if there was an essential oil that could do it all? Maybe there is. Frankincense has been used for centuries to cure and treat a variety of illnesses. It’s derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree and is highly sought after for its scent, healing properties, and religious associations.


At Toups and Co, we use frankincense essential oil in many of our products due to its pleasant scent and healing abilities. Here are some of the benefits of frankincense essential oil you may experience when using products like our frankincense tallow balm:

Why Does Essential Oil Quality Matter?

We use the highest quality oils in our products—but why does it matter? Since their recent increase in popularity, finding high-quality essential oils has become even more difficult. But here’s why we care:

  • High-quality essential oils are safer for aromatherapy use (no pollution here!).
  • They are also more gentle when applied directly to the skin (no breakouts).
  • High-quality frankincense essential oil does not include the use of chemicals during its processing.
  • There are no added fillers. You’re getting 100% essential oil—nothing more.
  • High-quality essential oils tend to be safer for people with sensitivities and allergies.


Our Commitment to Quality

From our grass-fed tallow to our fragrances, we believe in using high-quality products across the board. We know you trust us for chemical-free beauty and self-care products, and we refuse to compromise. You can rest assured that every Toups and Co frankincense product uses the highest quality essential oil that’s free of fillers and chemical processing.


1) Frankincense Essential Oil Provides Natural Stress Relief

Unwind with a bubble bath and a little bit of frankincense aromatherapy after a long day. For years, frankincense has been studied as a method of stress relief—and according to researchers, its tranquilizing effects are quite impressive. For this reason, we recommend using frankincense before bedtime to help you sleep.

We love completing our nighttime skincare routine with a little frankincense tallow balm to soak in the skin and brain benefits all at once. Since tallow is extremely moisturizing, you can apply a small layer to your face—or you can go overboard with the slugging method.

2) It Contains Hormone-Balancing Properties

Hello, happy hormones! Frankincense is calling. Unlike conventional beauty products containing estrogen-mimicking chemicals (parabens, phthalates, and more), frankincense essential oil is known for its hormone-balancing benefits.

The reason may lie in its anti-inflammatory properties. With less inflammation in the body, it can be easier for your immune system to purge excess estrogen and environmental chemicals—leaving you healthier, happier, and more balanced. Who knew?

3) Frankincense Essential Oil Is Antimicrobial

Instead of instinctively reaching for the Neosporin or antibacterial soap, allow frankincense to be the hero for your next scabbed knee. A medicine cabinet staple, frankincense is an ancient healing ointment that’s been used for centuries to rid the body of unhealthy bacteria. Whether you’re struggling with bacteria-driven acne or need extra protection against a cut or scrape, frankincense has your back.

Frankincense should never be used in place of a doctor’s recommendations—and the antimicrobial properties in frankincense essential oil are not as strong as medical antibiotics. However, they can be useful to heal small ailments. 

4) Frankincense Essential Oil May Help Boost Cognitive and Memory Function

Brain fog is nobody’s friend. If you’re desperate to find a way to improve your cognitive function, frankincense essential oil may be the answer. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce inflammation in your brain and unleash your memory.

Frankincense is also associated with limbic system function—the part of the brain that’s in charge of your fight or flight response. If you’re doing limbic system work (like brain retraining) to optimize your health, it may be worthwhile to add a dose of frankincense aromatherapy to your routine.

Frankincense essential oil is also a great gift for a high school or college student who is constantly using their brain. They can use the oil for aromatherapy or apply it topically.

5) It May Boost Lung Health

Do you struggle with asthma or post-COVID lung troubles? Frankincense is known for its respiratory benefits, and it’s a great natural remedy for those looking for alternative healing.

Frankincense may help the lungs in multiple ways—by calming anxiety and stress while improving circulation in the lungs to reduce coughing or wheezing. It can also help break down mucus—so its benefits reach the entire respiratory system, including the sinus cavities.

Is Frankincense Essential Oil Good for Your Face?

The short answer is: yes! . . . with a few conditions.

Frankincense essential oil should never be applied directly to the face. You should always use a carrier oil (like coconut oil, olive oil, or tallow) as the primary moisturizer, with a few drops of frankincense mixed in. This lessens the risk of irritation and allows you to experience the full benefits of frankincense.

When used on your face, frankincense essential oil is known to help:

  • Reduce redness (rosacea, chafing, sunburn, or blotchy patches).
  • Reduce bacterial acne and scarring.

Tallow is known for its similar benefits: reducing redness, wrinkles, and acne. This makes our frankincense tallow balm a favorite among customers for face health and moisture.

Let Toups and Co Be Part of Your Journey with Frankincense Essential Oils

We use frankincense essential oil in our tallow balm so your skin can get the most from each application. Tallow is an ancient moisturizer that feeds the skin with natural vitamins that mirror your skin’s DNA. Combined with frankincense (even more ancient!), you’re delivering a powerhouse of healing benefits straight to your skin.

Ingredients and quality are the most important things when it comes to skincare—and we’re proud to offer only the most simple recipes. No fillers, no additives, no chemicals. Only the good stuff.

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