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Your Man Is Ready to Make the Switch to Natural Skincare — He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

Your Man Is Ready to Make the Switch to Natural Skincare — He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

The secret’s out: you buy most of your family’s personal care products.

Okay, that wasn’t really a secret.

For years, you’ve been piling your shopping cart high with natural skincare products, organic food, and non-toxic cleaning agents. But there’s one thing you’ve been biting your tongue about: the aluminum-filled deodorant your man swears by.

He simply refuses to change his skincare ways.

Natural deodorant won’t hold up to heavy labor, he says.

Why order organic beard oil when you can get the cheap stuff at Walmart?

He insists there’s no way Mineral sunscreen can actually guard against sunburn.

The reason women are more likely to gravitate toward natural skincare products is simple: our bodies are usually more sensitive to toxins in the environment.

Biologically speaking, women’s hormones are more likely to go haywire when exposed to endocrine disruptors (many of which mimic estrogen). Our bodies are wired to preserve resources for reproduction and pregnancy. When those resources are threatened by pollution, mycotoxins, and parabens, we experience warning signs.

Men are different. Their hormone patterns are less complex. And they don’t use as many personal care products (women average about 12 daily), so they may be less likely to find everyday products problematic.

Does that mean they should ignore the consequences of chemical-laden products?

Absolutely not.

Men Can Protect Their Hormones by Watching the Ingredients They Use on Their Bodies

Sperm counts are diminishing worldwide at an alarming rate. We believe it’s the result of years of constant exposure to toxic household chemicals—including those found in personal care products like deodorant, face wash, and shampoo.

But guys aren’t just putting themselves at risk. Men’s personal care products can also contribute to the toxic burden in their partners, wives, and children, too. Think about it: as a father, one of the best ways to protect your children from early allergies and immune system dysfunction is by safeguarding their environment.

How to Partner with Your Man to Switch Him Over to Men’s Organic Skincare Products

For some relationships, choosing between natural skincare and conventional skincare can be polarizing and emotional. We’ve all been there—and we certainly aren’t looking to stir up drama. These conflict-free suggestions can help your significant other take the reins of his health and fertility, without sacrificing his hygiene (or his manliness).

  1. Buy Him Natural Skincare Products That Have Low Stakes

If you have a hesitant husband, immediately replacing a bunch of his products at once can be overwhelming for him. Pick one— ( maybe don’t start with his deodorant or toothpaste). Find him a more luxurious product like beard oil or a charcoal face bar to try out. These products won’t turn his hygiene world upside down, but they can show him exactly how well natural skincare products work.

We find that men respond better when they’re given a chance to test out and evaluate a product, before high stakes are involved. Once he’s in love with the beard oil and charcoal face soap, move on to men’s body wash and finally men’s deodorant.

  1. Explore the Medical Studies Together

While there’s certainly a lot of misinformation out there claiming that chemical-filled products are safe for children, adults, and families, there are many studies that show this simply isn’t true.

This scientific study explores paraben exposure and its relationship to breast cancer. In our opinion? It’s too close for comfort. The study shows that parabens have been found in blood and urine samples—and may be able to cross-talk with other signaling pathways in the body. Yikes!

Another study takes a deep dive into endocrine disruptors and men’s reproductive health. They found that exposure to phthalates may directly correlate with oxidative stress. Which can lead to tissue and even cell damage.

  1. Allow Him to Notice the Difference in Your Kids

As children develop outside of the womb, their immune systems are incredibly sensitive. They are also naturally intuitive. Children will gravitate toward microdoses of things that build their immune system. This may be why they love to put things in their mouth and play in the dirt.

If the immune system is overloaded at an early age, it can impact the child’s growth and development. We noticed this with our firstborn early on—and it’s the reason Toups and Co exists.

To ensure that our children could thrive in a healthy environment, we needed to take a serious look at the chemicals we were exposing them to. We swapped their bath products, diaper rash creams, lotions, and more. As we slowly switched over to all-natural products, the change in our children was tangible—and we were confident that we were finally on the right track.

When you choose natural skincare for your children, your husband is sure to see the difference, and it may convince him to go all-natural—for his sake and theirs.

  1. Know That a Lot of Men Really Do Care What Goes on Their Bodies

We’ve met lots of men who are just as passionate about skincare ingredients as we are—if not more. One reason why often women champion natural skincare products is because we tend to see more skincare ads. In general, women know more about natural skincare products because we are the target market.

Once men are given the resources and information about the danger of parabens, phthalates, and other toxic ingredients—they are often enthusiastic to jump on the men’s organic skincare wagon.

  1. Find Men’s Organic Skincare Products That Really Work

Using a hygiene item that fails to do what it promised is extremely frustrating—and can turn someone away from natural skincare products for good. Luckily, organic and all-natural products have come a long way since they were first popularized.

Many Toups and Co customers find that our products actually work better than the conventional ones. This is because we don’t use any fillers—so nothing in the product is taking up space to cheapen production costs. Our recipes are extremely potent and work overtime to make sure your skin stays healthy and your armpits don’t frighten anyone.

Not sure what to start with? We recommend the tallow balm or beard oil.

Your Man Is Ready to Take Charge of His Hormone Health — He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet

When given the proper tools and education, men are thrilled to take charge of their hygiene habits and hormone health. Not only will this impact their own symptoms and energy levels, but high quality products also help safeguard the immune systems and hormone health of the whole family.

The truth is, many couples are on the same page when it comes to personal care products. They just need a little time to figure that out.