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5 Stress-Free Ways to Embrace Healthy Living in the New Year

5 Stress-Free Ways to Embrace Healthy Living in the New Year

The new year affects everyone differently.

For some, the promise of big goals and a healthier schedule is invigorating.

For others, staying in bed to finish leftover Christmas chocolate sounds like the ideal start to 2023.

We know you’re invested in improving your health through toxin-free living . . . even if you fall into the chocolate-eating camp.

No matter how you approach the new year, you deserve to feel confident in your goals—and proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished when February and March roll around.

New Year’s resolutions should be accessible to everyone. So we’re cutting out the high stakes and helping you create attainable goals with simple habits that are harder to not do.


1) Toss the Makeup Wipes and Start Oil Cleansing


We understand the allure of makeup wipes. They’re easy to use, easy to toss . . . and it’s easy to ignore the ingredients label.

But if you’re still addicted to makeup wipes, you haven’t met oil cleansing.

Oil cleansing is an ancient skincare ritual that encourages the growth of healthy bacteria on your skin. And trust us, the results are unbelievable.

Healthy bacteria means happier skin, a firmer complexion, and unbelievable softness (your significant other will thank us!). The purpose of oil cleansing isn’t only to remove makeup and impurities but also to provide vitamins and nourishment to the skin.

Start Your New Wellness Routine

Oil cleansing is incredibly easy to implement into your daily routine. All you need is a bottle of seabuckthorn cleansing oil and a clean washcloth or cotton rounds.

Learn How to Oil Cleanse


2) Embrace the Benefits of Dry Brushing


Dry brushing takes a total of five minutes a day and the results are worth every second. This ancient skin care routine is commonly performed before a bath or shower—exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells before cleansing.

Dry brushing has been associated with a myriad of health benefits and can help increase blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage, and give you a boost of energy.

If you’re trying to quit caffeine, try replacing it with a morning dry brush session. You’ll feel a kick of energy and experience long-term health benefits, too.

Start Your New Wellness Routine

All you need to create this new morning ritual is five minutes a day and a dry brush. Begin at your feet and brush up toward your heart. Once you reach your arms, start at the wrists and brush upwards. You should always be moving fluid toward the heart.

Optional: You can level up your dry brush routine by applying body oil after a shower to nourish the recently exfoliated skin.

3) Make Room in Your Schedule for a Weekly Detox


Even if you’re perfectly healthy, you need a regular detox routine.

We’re exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day—and that number is only going to grow. Yep, we’re talking about air pollution, EMFs, pesticides, pathogens, microplastics, heavy metals, and more.

At some point, your liver is going to start complaining. So let’s get ahead of that.

A detox routine can be something as easy as drinking lemon water in the morning or sweating in a sauna. What’s important isn’t how perfect the routine is—it’s how well you keep up with it.

Start Your New Wellness Routine

There are so many ways to naturally detox. The important thing is that you choose a method that’s easy for you to include in your normal routine. Here are a few ideas:

  • Drink lemon tea in the morning or before bed.
  • Try using a castor oil pack a few nights every week.
  • Exercise regularly—and allow yourself to sweat!
  • Switch out your antiperspirant deodorant for a natural deodorant.
  • Try a lymphatic massage.
  • Begin doing facial massages or gua sha.
  • Try using a bile salt supplement (with your doctor’s supervision, of course!).
  • Add more leafy greens to your plate.


4) Start Each Morning with a Healthy Dose of Sunshine


Have you ever thought that morning sunshine could be exactly what’s standing between you and your health goals?

If you struggle with morning sluggishness, trouble waking up, afternoon slumps, or difficulties falling asleep, we recommend greeting the day with a dose of sun. If stepping out into the morning sunlight feels like too simple a fix, think about how the sun has nourished plants, animals, and humans since the dawn of time.

Start Your New Wellness Routine

Make it your mission to drink your morning coffee in the sun. If you live in a cold climate, try taking a walk outside to get your blood pumping. Or, stand by a window as you complete your daily meditation.

If you live in an overcast climate, consider getting a sun lamp for when it’s gloomy out.

5) Rewire Your Brain with Positive Reinforcement


If you’re giving positive reinforcement to your kids but not yourself, something’s wrong. The way you talk to yourself matters—and it can greatly impact your physical and mental state.

Research shows that positive or negative self-talk can impact the limbic system, creating pathways in your brain. Too much negativity in the brain can trickle down to the immune system and impact how you feel.

Start Your New Wellness Routine

Begin each day with thanks. Start writing in a journal and telling yourself “I love you” more often. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stuck in negative self-talk, take a moment to complete a breathing exercise or distract yourself with something positive.



Start the New Year Off Right with a Wellness Community You Can Count On


What’s one thing everyone needs to follow through on their New Year’s resolution? Accountability. If this is your first time really investing in your health, it’s important for you to have like-minded friends, along with step-by-step guides and resources to support you. 

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