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Easy Men’s Health Tips: 11 Ways to Include Self-Care in Your Summer Plans

Easy Men’s Health Tips: 11 Ways to Include Self-Care in Your Summer Plans

Prevention is the best form of self-care.

Taking regular care of your body, mind, and soul is a powerful way to feel your best—both physically and mentally. Whether you’re looking into men’s health tips to manage a diagnosis or simply to improve your day-to-day health, you’ve already taken the first step.

We’ve gathered our favorite men’s health tips that are impactful and easy to begin. The goal is to start slow with just a handful of new habits and watch as they transform your summer.

Easy Men’s Health Tips You Can Begin This Summer

  1. Try Oil Pulling for Healthy Teeth and Fresh Breath

This simple men’s health tip is centuries old—originally used in Ayurvedic medicine. To begin, put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around for fifteen minutes. Once you’re finished, spit the oil into a trash can and brush your teeth.

Oil pulling should draw toxins out of your mouth, while encouraging a healthy oral microbiome. Fresh breath and whiter teeth are added benefits. 

  1. Substitute Protein Powder with Protein-Rich Foods

There’s nothing inherently wrong with protein powder, but it’s technically a processed food. Many protein powder supplements contain preservatives, heavy metals, artificial sweeteners, and incomplete proteins. Not to mention, they aren’t as bioavailable as the protein found in whole foods.

If you take protein powder regularly, we recommend switching to a whole-food source of protein. Grass-fed beef, eggs, collagen, chicken, wild-caught seafood, and organ meats can help grow muscle without the added toxins. Since they contain natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, they’re more impactful on your health, too.

  1. Start a Men’s Skincare Routine

Cleanse, moisturize, restore, repeat. These are the key steps for an easy-to-follow men’s skincare routine.

Typically, the goal of a skincare routine is to cleanse the skin of pollution and dirt, lock in moisture, and encourage cellular turnover—all with nutrient-dense ingredients. People who follow a skincare routine should experience soft skin and fewer breakouts and wrinkles.

  1. Protect Your Skin

One powerful way to take care of your skin this summer is by applying a sun balm

 anytime you expect prolonged sun exposure. You can also wear long-sleeve shirts or a hat to protect sensitive skin. Just don’t cover yourself so much that you don’t soak up any vitamin D.

  1. Take Regular Walks and Enjoy Nature

Did you know just listening to the sound of birds can cultivate a sense of calm and enjoyment in life? Prioritizing relaxing walks alongside gym sessions is an easy way to foster community, cultivate wonder, and experience the world around you.

  1. Foster Connection and Community

Vibrant community is a key factor in life expectancy. It’s also known to lower heart rate, calm the nervous system, and improve mental health symptoms.

Summer is the perfect time to foster connection and community through outdoor adventure sports, farmers’ market visits, and weekend road trips with friends and family.

  1. Use Nontoxic Charcoal Soap in Your Bathroom 

Surprisingly, men may be leading the charge when it comes to nontoxic skincare and body products (they are reported to purchase them more regularly than women).

One simple way to continue prioritizing nontoxic skincare is by switching your bathroom soap. We love charcoal soap for men, since it’s nontoxic, pore-cleansing, easy to use, and lasts forever.

  1. Prioritize Sleep

Yes, you probably can get away with four hours of sleep and an energy drink (for a while), but it’s not recommended. Poor sleep is associated with heart disease, impaired cognitive function, kidney disease, diabetes, and mental health problems. It’s the kind of habit that builds on itself over time. With good sleep habits, you’re likely to experience long-term health benefits. Meanwhile, poor sleep habits will eventually catch up to you.

Make a promise to yourself to prioritize sleep this summer. Balance your circadian rhythm, turn off devices before bed, and get at least eight hours per night. You won’t realize just how much you need it until you start experiencing the benefits.

  1. Create Work-Life Boundaries

Whether you’re negotiating extra time off at work or prioritizing self-care at home, it’s important to maintain a sustainable work-life balance. Stress is one of the leading causes of inflammation and illness—and living in a constant state of fight-or-flight isn’t healthy for anyone. Find ways to create healthy boundaries in your work and life to reset your nervous system, rewire brain pathways, and truly relax.

  1. Enjoy Regular Sauna Use

Visiting the sauna regularly has so many wonderful benefits. It’s amazing for cardiovascular health, mental health, building stamina, and detoxing. One study showed that it helps increase blood circulation, lower pain levels (especially after a workout), and can even help manage stress. You can find a sauna at your local gym or spa.

  1. Hydrate with Minerals and Electrolytes

Most of us aren’t getting the ideal amount of minerals and electrolytes through our diet. This has to do with mineral depletion in our water, soil, and food sources. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied with a liquid mineral supplement. Especially if you’re a gym regular, it’s important to rehydrate your cells with these resources.

When It Comes to Prioritizing Your Health, It’s Okay to Step Outside the Box

As a holistic health skincare brand, here’s something we want our men to know:

  • You can be healthy without having a six pack.
  • You can choose a diverse diet of plants, fats, and animal protein without judgment.
  • You can enjoy these men’s health tips (and others) without feeling like they’re “not manly enough.”

You deserve the space to cultivate a healthy body, mind, and spirit—no matter what culture has to say.

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