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We all have our secrets… 

Dirty hair is a natural part of life. Mistakes happen… but missing wash day shouldn’t mean dousing your hair with liquid petroleum (yep, that’s what’s in conventional dry shampoo!)

Our all-natural dry shampoo is made from recognizable ingredients that are safe enough to eat. Our formula helps you hold off on wash day—fending off grease without disrupting your scalp’s natural microbiome

Is Our Organic Dry Shampoo Right for You?

Trying out the no-poo method or simply don’t have enough time to get ready in the morning? Organic Dry Shampoo is for anyone who’s ever thrown on a baseball cap in a moment of panic. 

Here are some benefits you may experience when using our Dry Shampoo:

  • Smooth and clean looking hair all day long
  • No disruption of your hair’s natural oils
  • Brush application allows you to target specific areas without making a mess
  • Dark color options for brown hair

Dip your brush into the jar of dry shampoo. Apply to problem areas and comb through your hair with your fingers or a brush. Continue to apply until you achieve desired volume and shine.

Store in a cool, dry place
Comes in a 4oz jar

Ingredients You Can Pronounce

organic arrowroot powder

organic arrowroot powder

baking soda

baking soda

Kaolin clay

Kaolin clay

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Real ingredients

We use tallow from grass fed cows,
organic cold pressed olive oil and
certified organic essentials oils.

Beauty as nature intended

We never use synthetic chemicals, GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors or artificial fragrances.

Made in the USA

We support small, family owned farms who are sustainable, fair trade, transparent and ethical.

From our family to yours

We are a husband and wife team that believes it’s not good enough for you until it’s good enough for our own family.