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Ultimate Tallow Balm Set

Frankincense Face Balm
Frankincense Face Balm
Tallow Balm - Sweet Girl
Tallow Balm - Sweet Girl
Tallow Balm - Unscented
Tallow Balm - Unscented
Tallow Balm - Vanilla + Almond
Tallow Balm - Vanilla + Almond
Tallow Balm – Original
Tallow Balm – Original
Tallow Lip Love
Tallow Lip Love

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Ahhhh the tallow balm set. Tallow balm is what we first started creating and they remain our hero product for a reason - they work. This set can literally replace every cream and lotion in your household - from diaper to face cream.

Our Tallow balms are healing whole-skin tallow balm. Forget the chemicals and give your skin whole food nourishment our ancestors used.

They are full of natural fats and minerals. It feeds your skin making it soft, supple and will reverse dark spots and wrinkles over time. It is not fractionated, meaning that each ingredient is in its whole form.

100% grass-fed tallow, delightfully whipped, smooth texture and because of our unique process our balms smell lovely!

In the set, you will receive: All Balms are 2 oz.

Frankincense Face Balm
 is perfect for replacing toxic face creams with real nourishment. Frankincense helps heal and restore tone to skin cells with its astringent properties. This astringent quality also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and combats the loss of firmness in the cells.

Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed tallow, organic virgin olive oil, organic frankincense essential oil.

Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 oz. glass jars


Original Tallow Balm 

Ingredients: Original scent with organic olive oil, organic essential oils of lavender, bergamot, frankincense, and sandalwood
Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 oz. glass jars.


Vanilla Almond Tallow Balm

Ingredients: tallow, organic olive oil, organic vanilla extract, almond extract
Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 oz. glass jars.
Sweet Girl Tallow Balm

FREE FROM: petroleum-based ingredients, artificial colors, ingredients or fragrances, chemicals, GMO’s, non-comodogenic

Naturally abundant in vitamins A, D, E & K
Ingredients: Organic olive oil and organic essential oils of marjoram, chamomile, ylang, ylang, spruce and frankincense.

Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 oz. glass jars.

Unscented Tallow Balm:
Naturally abundant in vitamins A, D, E & K
Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 oz. glass jars.

Sweet Girl Tallow Lip Love:

Nourish your lips with grass-fed tallow lip balm. Store-bought lip balms often use petroleum products that don't hydrate your lips in any way. Our grass-fed tallow nourishes and protects for the softest lips!

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Real ingredients

We use tallow from grass fed cows,
organic cold pressed olive oil and
certified organic essentials oils.

Beauty as nature intended

We never use synthetic chemicals, GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors or artificial fragrances.

Made in the USA

We support small, family owned farms who are sustainable, fair trade, transparent and ethical.

From our family to yours

We are a husband and wife team that believes it’s not good enough for you until it’s good enough for our own family.