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7 Ways We’ve Changed the Makeup and Skincare Industry Since Launching Toups and Co

7 Ways We’ve Changed the Makeup and Skincare Industry Since Launching Toups and Co

Happy birthday to us! *Insert happy birthday tune here.*

We can’t believe it’s been seven whole years since our dream of bringing nontoxic skincare to the world became a reality. When we started Toups and Co, we had no idea how many incredible friends we’d make along the way—or how many people would love our products just as much as we do.

A lot of our processes have changed over time, and we’ve undergone a lot of much-needed updates (shoutout to our original name, Crunchy Balm). But there are a few things that remain the same:

  • Our products are still lovingly made in the USA. This ensures quality control and allows us to source from local farmers. We still inspect ingredients like tallow before putting it in our products.

  • We still don’t release products to you unless our family loves them first. We’re always on the lookout for more nontoxic skincare and body products for our family to use—and sometimes, the best solution is to make our own. Usually, the process goes like this: we make it, we use it, we love it, we refine it, and then we share it with you.

  • We don’t compromise on ingredients. Our no-compromise policy began when we realized how dramatically toxic ingredients were impacting our family’s health. It’s our goal to provide nontoxic skincare every family can count on. This means whole foods, farm-to-face, carefully crafted formulas, and trustworthy ingredients.

Even though a lot of things have stayed the same at Toups and Co, plenty has changed in the nontoxic skincare industry. People are becoming more aware of the toxins in their hygiene products, and we’re beginning to see small changes in policy and awareness.

Here are seven things that have changed in the skincare world since we began Toups and Co:

Things That Have Changed Since We Started Our Organic Makeup Brand

Contouring was the makeup of the future … carefully curated eyebrows … and ombre hairstyles. Those trends marked 2017 (were things really that different back then?). Here are just a few changes we’ve noticed in nontoxic skincare since our opening.

  1. Customers Are More Aware of Greenwashing

Checking the labels of all your foods, household products, and skincare items should be considered a competitive sport. But seriously, consumers are starting to realize … we’ve been duped. Those organic-looking green bottles and glass jars are tricking us less and less often. Now, we check our receipts—and we know that if we can’t understand the ingredients label, it’s probably not good for us.

We even have apps and websites to help us avoid getting bamboozled by good marketing and pretty packages (almost one in three products are labeled as “clean”—we have to fight back).

The more we recognize greenwashing, the more we fight back. Eventually, companies will have to start listening—and offering whole, healthy products on store shelves. We can’t wait!

  1. We Discovered Ancestral Skincare

Well … it was more of a re-discovery. Our ancestors used nontoxic skincare like tallow balm for generations—before we traded it all in for cheap manufactured products that were supposed to be “better”).

Suddenly, people who used traditional remedies became inferior. In just a few generations, we lost touch with everything our ancestors knew.

Now, we’re taking it back.

Even though nontoxic skincare started out a little rough (remember egg yolk mascara and banana masks?), we’ve finally found our footing.

Tallow balms, oil-based soaps, beeswax lip balm, and shea butter hydrating salve. These are all products inspired by ancestral recipes and perfected over the years. We’re well on our way to remembering the remedies and recipes that kept our ancestors healthy.

  1. “Fragrance” Isn’t Fooling Us

The “fragrance” label on conventional products hides a lot of dirty secrets. Chemicals, to be exact—up to 3,000 of them. At this point, most conscious shoppers know to look out for the fragrance label on their “nontoxic” products. Especially if it’s one of the first ingredients on the bottle, it’s probably being used as a cover-up for unpronounceable ingredients they don’t want you to see.

  1. Most People Understand the Dangers of Chemical Ingredients

Chemical ingredients? Not for our generation. We’ve seen the devastating effects of chemicals in our environment, and it’s only getting worse. Whether it’s pollution, mold, microplastics in our water, or synthetic ingredients in skincare products—we’re starting to see that toxins are impacting our world in a big way.

Do these products have something to do with the influx of autoimmune disorders? And how will our children and their children handle a world that’s toxic?

As a society, we’re starting to recognize the dangers of chemical ingredients, and speak up about them.

  1. Multiple Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Conventional Brands

We’re not going to name names or anything, but sunscreen brands particularly have been in the news for some sketchy ingredients (benzene—no thanks).

Another recent lawsuit was filed against a mascara brand for the presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in their waterproof line.

Oh, and dry shampoo brands are in hot water over more benzene.

… Should we go on?

Honestly, we’re thrilled that these lawsuits are drawing attention to the chemicals in makeup and skincare products—and (hopefully) creating changes in consumer products and brand accountability.

  1. You No Longer Have to Make Skincare Products in Your Kitchen

Remember the “make-your-own-makeup” revolution? Consumers were so desperate to find products that wouldn’t irritate their skin or increase chemical exposure. We were all experimenting with coconut oil and beeswax in our kitchens.

Luckily, we’ve upgraded from shea butter to 100% grass-fed tallow and antioxidant-infused serums. Oh, and we do it all here for you in Coastal Alabama.

  1. There’s a Lot More Research to Explain the Benefits of Natural Products

Our ancestors didn’t have research studies or Amazon reviews to back up their recipes. But what they did have was years of experience. We have the history to back it up—nontoxic skincare products were perfected by the time our great-grandparents used them.

Today, our culture relies on research and social proof in order for a product or method to be accepted. And luckily, we’re starting to get it.

Slowly but steadily, studies are being released about the dangers of chemical ingredients—and the benefits of all-natural remedies.

Here’s one about the dangers of PFAS.

Where to Next? Future Plans for Our Organic Makeup Brand

The future is always bright when it comes to nontoxic skincare. We have so many new products in the works and exciting announcements for the future (we can’t get ahead of ourselves!).

Most of all, we’re grateful for seven amazing years of serving you—our community. We cannot wait to see what the next seven bring.

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